Texas Real Estate Licensees:

Taking a Break from Real Estate Sales?

Do you have a real estate license but don’t really use it much? Transferring your license to The Referral Agent is a great way to earn income and continue to serve your friends, family, or neighbors. AND STILL EARN INCOME!

While you are taking a break from active real estate sales and living your life, you can still use your database and sphere of influence to receive real estate referral commissions. Associates do not engage in real estate transactions, they only send buyer or seller referrals to licensed agents in our brokerage network.

Also being a sister company to a large brokerage you can take advantage of the FREE Courses to keep your license active! 

Do you wish there was a way to make money in real estate using your real estate license, without all of the work, cost, headaches and fees? Well you found it!


For example:

$250,000 sale price x 3% = $7,500

Referral fee is 25% of $7,500 = $1,875

Referral Associate split is 80% of the 25% referral fee, or $1,500.




• $15 monthly fee or $120 yearly.

• $20.60 fee to transfer your license on TREC.

• No local, state, or national association dues.

• No errors and omissions insurance and No MLS fees.

• No desk fees, No Transaction Fee, No E-Key.

• Continuing Education (CE) must be kept current.* With The Referral Agent you will have access to the FREE courses offered by our larger sister brokerage.

* Associates are responsible for any and all required Continuing Education (CE) requirements by the Texas Real Estate Commission for license renewal.


The Referral Agent

Traditional Brokerage

The Referral Agent Fee

$120 year




$150 year



$117 year

Local AR


$117 year

Other Association Costs


$80 year

MLS Access


$436 year



$226.24 year



$50-100 per transaction

Desk Fee


$35-$150 month

Cards Signs Advertising


~ $500 year

TREC Transfer Fee



** See infographic for additional agent costs. http://learn.theceshop.com/rs/102-VZS-273/images/Infographic.pdf

** Traditional Brokerage Numbers are based off average companies, all companies differ in costs.